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Based on your financial situation, Rent-to-Own programs are the best way for you to get into the home of your dreams!

Rewards of owning a Rent-to-Own home are:

  • No bank loan qualification neccessary
  • Get into a home with little to no money down
  • Achieve your goal of home ownership

Even if you have a low credit score, Rent-to-Own homes are ideal because you don't have to qualify for any bank loans. Although, having your credit report in hand will greatly increase your chances of signing for your new home. The length of contract and payment agreements can be negotiated with the home owner, which allows more flexibility for anyone who cannot qualify for loans. A rent to own property is the perfect opportunity for a landlord who is looking to sell a house and an individual or family with less than perfect credit. Rent to own homes can be listed under many different names: lease to own home, lease with an option to buy, lease purchase, or owner financed.

It's a buyer's market! This means the housing market is saturated with owners interested in selling. Due to this, there are many more Rent-to-Own homes to choose from. It's the perfect time to get into your Rent-to-Own home!