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Additional Help and References for Rent to Own Home Buyers

Agreeing to purchase a rent to own home is an exciting and admirable step to take toward improving one's life. Owning a home is the fulfillment of a dream.

To keep on track to fulfill the promise of a home purchase, tenant-buyers need to be motivated to maintain or improve their credit. They also need to be sure they have the right agreements in place to protect themselves through the rental and purchase transactions.

Importance Of Knowing your Credit Score

Renters/buyers that are looking into the rent to own option need to be extremely serious about managing and restoring their credit. It is important for several reasons first of which is you are looking to become a buyer not stay a renter, second of which is to show the possible landlord/seller that you are serious about wanting to purchase their home once the rental period is up.

Remember that the seller/landlord is not in this to remain a landlord they ultimately want to sell you their home and without a good credit score in this day and age you will not be able to secure a loan.

We have included a link where you can review your credit scores for free and once you have that information we will be happy to have one of our agents consult you on the results for free. There are many factors in reviewing your credit and we have been studying credit for over 8 years and will be happy to assist you.

Example Contract

Real estate transactions require specific legal contracts. In a lease option purchase, the terms of each element (the rental agreement, option fee, and sales contract) can be customized to meet the unique needs of both the tenant-buyer and seller. It is recommended that all formal offers, agreements or contracts be reviewed by professionals, such as lawyers or qualified real estate agents, prior to being signed. As a courtesy, a sample lease option purchase contract example is available for tenant-buyers to inspect for illustrative purposes.


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